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August 10, 2009

When Chocolate Met Raspberry

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Name the movie I took my post title from and I’ll make you cupcakes.***

Classic flavor combination: chocolate & raspberry. Who doesn’t love that? Um, if you don’t, then just go away. JUST KIDDING! I know, it ain’t for everybody. But for peeps like my friend Glenda, those flavors rock her world. So guess what cute little Glenda got for her birthday? YOU GOT IT! A 24 karat diamond ring. NOT!IMG_1766

She got something even better: Chocolate cupcakes filled with Raspberry preserves and topped with a Raspberry American Buttercream. FROM ME! Simple as pie. And just as delicious. Delicious like Buttermilk pie. I love Buttermilk pie. Maybe I should make some. And why am I talking about Buttermilk pie in a Chocolate & Raspberry cupcakes post? (more…)


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