chef tamara

chef who?

Baker. Cook. Instructor. Pastry Chef? I prefer to call myself a Baker most of all, but others do refer to me as a Pastry Chef, while some even call me a Chef. But for some reason, I am uncomfortable with that title. It assumes so much of the person bearing it.

Escoffier was a Chef. Wylie’s a Chef. Grant’s a Chef. Mario’s a Chef. David’s a Chef. Sam & Johnny are Chefs/Pastry Chefs. My hubby’s a Chef.

Me? Um… I bake? Yes, I do. I also cook. I definitely dabble in them cocktails. And I like to dine out whenever I can. Pretty much I am game for all things gastronomic. But I just feel weird calling myself a Chef. For now.

I is a Baker dammit! 😉

Which totally explains why this blog is called “chef tamara.” Right? NOT! I know, it makes no sense. But let’s just go with it for now. Hahaha!! Besides, it does sound better than “baker tamara,” right? Right? Hello? Is this mike still on?

I graduated from the CIA way back when with a degree in Baking & Pastry Arts Management. Since then, I’ve been a baker, pastry cook, culinary instructor, restaurant general manager, oil industry magnate, and the such. 😉 You can say I’ve been around. Wait. Around kitchens. And stuff. Not the other kinda of “around.” 😛 That’s silly!

Hubby & I moved to Puerto Rico in 2008 after spending 9 years in NY; 6 of those in NYC. *THE* City (NYC) was AMAZING! He’s the Exec Chef @ a restaurant and I teach Baking & Pastry @ a local university.

On my off time I go out to eat whenever possible, I search for good, I cook for myself, friends, and family, and I like to write and take pics of all these things.

When it comes to the kitchen, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and old-fashioned cakes/pies/desserts are my favorites items to bake. But I do dabble in a bit of everything, savory and sweet, so anything’s possible.

I don’t claim to be an expert in these culinary topics, but I’m pretty well versed – and trained – in these things. That right there allows my imagination to think I’m an expert. I write mostly in English, but don’t be surprised by the occasional Spanish or Spanglish post. And by no means is I the grammer police. 😉 Although I do hate typos and am known to violently tear apart menus that misspell stuff and make no culinary sense. But that’s my only real OCD trait there – menu typos.

Welcome to my blog.

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