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July 13, 2009

Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding!

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I am back from NYC! What a trip! What food! What friends! What tears I shed from being forced to leave NYC’s awesomeness to come back to this:


I swear if it wasn’t for sights like that, we’d be having serious emotional issues. [And yes, I took that awesome picture of the beach, so don’t even dare use it without asking first. ;o)]

While I edit the 67 billion pictures I took, most food related, and organize them, and re-size them so they’re not so huge, here’s a look at a Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding I made last night. IMG_3039

Right out of the blue. Not planned. Blame PMS. Blame a ginormous slice of brioche hubby brought from work and was almost gonna hit the trash can. Blame PMS again. Blame having milk, butter, and eggs in the fridge all at once, which is a miracle on its own. Blame my dog Kaya who likes it when scraps fall on the floor when I cook. Point is, I made some bangin’ bread pudding last night. (ZERO humility from me today!) Oh, and I only took pics of the finished product. Was on Pudding Auto Pilot before I realized I needed to take pics (doh!).


I basically made my personal favorite Flan custard, added cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a fresh Tahitian Vanilla Bean (from my very elite, very VIP stash of vanilla beans bought when I went to French Polynesia in Christmas of 2005). First I cut the brioche into cubes. (Feel free to use any bread, but trust me, Brioche is luxurious and so worth it). That was simply a personal choice. You can make small dice, large dice, slices, rounds, grind it, whatever works for you. I then toasted the cubes ’til they were quite crisp. Immediately out of the oven I drizzled them with melted, unsalted butter. (Don’t you love the word drizzled? How about smothered? Yeah, I like that word too.) Here, the more butter, the merrier. Trust me. I then returned the buttered, toasted brioche back to the oven to crisp up some more. Basically these are brioche croutons; hard not to eat them as is. I let them cool a bit and then threw them in the custard mix and allowed the bread to soak for about 20 minutes. Last minute I added some leftover sliced almonds which I didn’t toast (doh!), but should have. I then buttered and sugar some aluminum pans. Not necessary to grease/sugar your pans/molds, but I like doing it. Makes them not stick and adds to the sweetness/sauciness of the final product. Threw them into a preheated 350F oven with a hot water bath. They baked until firm on the edges and semi set in the middle. I was also looking for the cubes on top to get GBD = golden, brown, and delicious. I let them cool for some 10 minutes and voila – Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding with Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Spices, and Almonds. Then I cut out a wedge and ate, ate, ate!


I love seeing Vanilla seeds all over food. They’re so delicious. So unique. Such a sensitive growing and harvesting process; yet so rewarding in their contribution to food. I like the minimal creaminess of the custard, the chunky bread, crisp in some parts, soft and gooey in others. Then the crunch of the nuts rounds it all out.


Some people serve this dusted with powdered sugar. I enjoy mine plain. When warm, some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream on top, or drizzled with Vanilla Sauce (Creme Anglaise), or smothered with Whipped Cream would work as well. So feel free and indulge in some Bread & Butter Pudding. It’s delicioso!


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