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June 10, 2009

Baking and Traveling

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On my way to the first of two trips this weekend. The 1st one is TOTALLY educational and professional in nature. Right? Right?

Going to take a 1 week “Updating My Skills Program” at Johnson & Wales University’s North Miami, Florida campus. Looks like fun. Tweak some skills and educational techniques. Rock on! And best of all I’m going with Nannette Mendez, my co-baking instructor @ UNE, the university we work at as Chef Instructors. I love her so it should be fun!

It will also be interesting to see how their Florida branch has evolved in the 11 years since I first visited on my “Which culinary school do I want to go to trips of 1998.” Those were some FUN trips.

First J&W paid for my friend Ana and me to visit the school for a weekend, tour the grounds, etc. It was cute, and the sunshine and beaches nearby made it a top contender given it’s similar to Puerto Rico and the tropics we love. But they were still too young in their development; facilities and program were still too new and lacked OOMPH.

Eventually I took a 2nd trip, a Road Trip of sorts to visit the CIA & NECI with my friend Mayte. That was a hilarious trip as well. I really liked NECI. Vermont is simply BEAUTIFUL and BREATHTAKING and all those nice adjectives. I seriously considered going to NECI. But after careful thought and internal debate, I chose the CIA for many, many reasons. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Okay, gotta go finish errands before the trips.

Oh. What? What 2nd trip? Oh.

The 2nd trip is the MADRE of all trips. At least for me.

More info. later on with regards to that trip. I’m SOOOOOO excited!! ;o)


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